Bee Friendly Gardener


If you have a garden you can help the bees in lots of different ways. We don't mean by becoming a bee keeper (that would be an entirely different quest), we mean by, well get going with these quests to find out! Bee numbers have been in drastic decline over the last few decades and no one is entirely sure why. The best guess it that there are multiple things going on that bee populations just can't cope with. These quests (along with some others) we hope will help redress the balance in the bees favour.

A square badge with crossed out insecticide can in the center with the words: Bee Friendly Gardener

Stop using insecticides.

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Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control

Advice on how to protect your produce plants by companion planting and making a natural insecticide from your kitchen. Always do your own research.
4 minutes


How to I get rid of pests then?

You'll need to do a search on the type of pest you have and natural or organic ways to remove them. It is possible though so spend sometime time researching the alternatives.

Beware of

Days off

Pests take hold when you take your eye off the garden. Take a pest control stroll around the place every day.

How the points breakdown

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Pollution and waste
  • Energy
  • Animal rights
  • Human rights
  • Education and culture
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Water
  • Land and community
  • Finance
  • Building
  • Biodiversity

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Do it again?

This quest is not repeatable.


This quest is part of the bee-love collection.

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