Wildest Hotel


With natural habitats being lost to human development some species are having a tough time. Make these animal hotels to help them along. Don't have space to put them? Make them as a gift for someone who does or for your local community garden or wood.

A square badge with a neon "vacancy" in the center with the words: Wildest Hotel

Make a bug hotel.

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Insect hotels, how successful were they?

Insect hotels, how successful were they?

Calastein talks about his insect hotels.
4 minutes


Are there any guides to making these insect houses?

Yes, we've put some in the "Where can I get one of those ..." section.

Can I just buy one?

If you don't have the time or inclination to make one, then of course just buy one.

Beware of


If you are not confident with using things like hammers, saws and drills get some help from someone who is.

How the points breakdown

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Pollution and waste
  • Energy
  • Animal rights
  • Human rights
  • Education and culture
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Water
  • Land and community
  • Finance
  • Building
  • Biodiversity

How to get more points and earn coins too...

Check in! You'll get points each time you check in this quest.

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Do it again?

You can do this quest as many times as you like. The more times you repeat this quest, the more badges and points you will get!


This quest is part of the bee-love collection.

Where can I get one of those ...

We can't guarantee that any items will be found on the "shared" or "used" sites but it has to be worth a look doesn't it? We haven't listed all of the possible places you could find these things and advise you to do your own research. Always use your common sense when making things, buying previously owned products or sharing things, or indeed buying stuff for that matter ... * An affiliate link. For more information see How this site is funded.

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