Catching Free Radicals


Free radicals are bad. You guessed it, we're talking chemistry more specifically atoms and molecules. Don't tune out. This is all about ageing. Free radicals are thought to damage your cells and help you to age, cause tissue damage and possibly cause some diseases. The thing is they are everywhere. The good news is there are ways to cut down on your free radical exposure in the home and office. This is one way.

A square badge with a ivy houseplant in the center with the words: Catching Free Radicals

Get one of these plants.

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How to grow your own fresh air

How to grow your own fresh air

Some specific plants and how to care for them.
2 minutes

TED talk: Kamal Meattle

Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air

How to grow fresh air.
4 minutes


Which is the easiest plant to look after?

So your finger's are not very green. Start with an ivy. They survive even when a tree doesn't so they must be hardy.

This is fascinating, where can I find more information?

We've listed some places in the "Where can I find one of those section ..."

Beware of

Releasing VOCs

Confusingly another report by the same Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia found that potted plants could also release VOCs into the air. They blamed the plastic pots, the soil and the pesticides applied the plant. So to be extra safe use clay pots, organic plants and soils.

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