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VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds. They are essentially gasses that come off things like paint (and a tonne of other stuff) at room-temperature. They are not good. They lead to bad indoor air quality often referred to as "sick building syndrome". If you are exposed to enough of them you can get anything from headaches to, well, according the EPA some VOCs are suspected of causing cancer! You can usually smell them, they give carpets and furniture that "new" smell, permanent markers that distinctive "high" and strangely some air fresheners their fake "fresh" scent.

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Find out about VOCs.

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Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds

An overview of VOCs from America. Remember to find and watch more videos for yourself.
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If these VOCs are bad why aren't they regulated?

Well in the UK we have the Clean Air Act, but that seems mainly for outside air. Indoor air is taking a little longer. Indoor air quality is regulated in places like France and Germany. There are voluntary protocols for retrofitting buildings in the USA.

Beware of

The word "organic"

Don't be fooled by word "organic". In this case were talking chemistry terms "organic" vs "inorganic". It's very different to the way you might use the term "organic" when talking about food.

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