Shrewd Food - Shop Star

Shrewd Food - Shop Star

It seems that we spend about 15% of our income on food and drink (not including alcohol). With that kind of money at stake it's no wonder that supermarkets are perfectly designed to entice you to spend. Their arsenal of tactics include mouth-watering-taste-bud-overloading smells from the bakery, store and shelf layouts maximised to help you part from your money and advertising wherever you look. Not to mention their happy-lullaby music chosen to dull you into a hypnotic sleep-like mode with your critical thinking switched off.

Are you ready to take control of your supermarket shopping experience and save money?

A square badge with a question mark in the center with the words: Shrewd Food - Shop Star

Make sure it is a bargain!

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Mr Bean

Mr Bean at Norwegian supermarket English humor

It's an advert but funny nonetheless ...
2 minutes


How can I find out what price the product was before?

Sometimes the price is on the shelf - just hidden by the sales material. Otherwise, if you can't remember, the supermarket comparison website MySupermarket charts product prices for five supermarkets. So sign up for free and take a look.

What about when one product is priced per kilo and another per litre?

Ahh those tricksy supermarkets. If you can't work it out in your head why not ask the store assistant to assist?

Is anyone doing anything about food price labelling?

Yes! Add your voice to the campaign at Which? We want simple food prices

Beware of

Tempting perishables

Are you really going to use all of that "bargain" stuff before it goes off? Be honest with yourself. Otherwise you may as well put your money in the bin now.

Lazy head

The supermarket will place all of it's most profitable stuff at eye level (or children’s eye level if it's targeted at them). So look around, look high, look low, look beyond the signs.

Sale type signage that isn't

It's easy to be drawn to a big sign - but is it actually a sale item or is it just in a similar format as their "offer" signs?

How the points breakdown

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Pollution and waste
  • Energy
  • Animal rights
  • Human rights
  • Education and culture
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Water
  • Land and community
  • Finance
  • Building
  • Biodiversity

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