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Ethical banking, not so easy


Its about 8 years ago I think, that I read an article somewhere about banks investing our savings in companies making fragmentation and anti-personnel mines. It shocked me deeply. What's more, it shocked me that I didn't know about it, that they hide it in big words and promising lots of intrest and so on. I was even more shocked when I tried to talk with my colleagues about it. They knew me... Read full blog post

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Eco friendly soap


In Belgium I used Ecover (www.ecover.be) for years. Its a Belgian designed but West-worldwide available product. Unfortunately it is not available in East-Africa and they never replied to my mail with the question if they might be planning to set up a factory this side of the world, or if there are any other ways of getting their product in Masaka, Uganda.... Read full blog post

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Quality TV

TUNE OUT (level 2)

Again I must admit it helps a lot to live in Uganda. Some things are just not available here. When in Belgium, I really tried not to watch all these meaningless soaps every year again. It didnt always work out, but I tried. Often I read a book while my husband was watching TV. Very educational indeed ;)

Soon I will be able to try it again, since my husband really wants to have satelite... Read full blog post

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Becoming a body parts donor


Right, I am completing a lot of quests in a couple of minutes. That is because I already did a lot of things, so I hope it also counts.
I registered as a body parts donor long time ago in Belgium, although it is a bit of a hassle to get it done.
Some government body just started setting up a database to enlist all the donors, but it takes a lot of time. I even wonder if they still... Read full blog post

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My own library

LIBRARY LOVE (level 3)

This is my first encounter with this site. I love the idea: change the world, begin with thyself. I guess we can change the quests a bit to our real life. I live in Uganda, trying my best to life a sustainable life. We run a restaurant where a lot of tourists come. As I saw in another restaurant, I borrowed the idea of setting up a small library. Many people like reading during their holidays... Read full blog post

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