eco-affluent concergenceWorld Changing Me is a social enterprise (a company limited by guarantee) therefore any profits we make from the services we offer will be put to fund our objectives which are ...

"To help people reduce the environmental footprint of their lifestyles and increase their real wealth through access to information, education and encouragement to make positive changes."

... we are currently envisaging this as something similar to the image on this page. Although what it actually looks like will ultimately depend on you and the actions you (we all) take.

This is a non-political site which encourages positive change through non-violent action. It is secular and, to date, the creation of just two people volunteering to create this site with no funding. Although we've had advice and help along the way*.

If you are inspired by our work and would like to help us, we would be very happy to discuss how you might contribute or donate as an individual, ethical company or grant making organisation, please email admin at worldchanging dot me.

*Thanks the following organisations for helping us get this far: