World Changing Me is a small team based in Wales, UK.

These are the things we believe;

  • The thing is, together we make a difference. That is to say that individual actions, when done by many people change the world.
  • The other thing is, you influence others. That is to say what you do influences your friends and family ad helps create a political space for governments and big businesses to take action.
  • Yes we need big actions from governments and big businesses too. But they tend to only supply the change if there is a demand for them to do so. Therefore we need to do what we can do to “be the change we want to see in the world”. It’s a cliche, but it’s true. Simple.
  • Everyone can help create a positive spiral of change.

World Changing Quests

The reality of life is that sometimes it (life that is) just gets in the way of us doing the things we know we should be doing. 

The truth is that all the answers to all the problems in the world are very simple when we are children. When we become adults the solutions seem more difficult, impossible even, to implement.

The real truth is that the answers are still simple. We just need to get on and do it.

But (and it’s big, big but), life is still there being difficult and/or distracting.

So we have designed these quests and the tracking poster that goes with them so you get on with changing the world for the better when you have the time to do it. It’s kind of a game. The World Changing Quest Game. It’s also great for people who feel lost or anxious about the big world wide problems we facing right now (plastic in the ocean, biodiversity loss, changing climate – to name just a few). Perfect too for children learning about global issues as a way of provoking thought and discussion about the consequences of actions.

There are quite possibly Quests that you already do. Great! Keep doing them. The important thing now is to share when you have done it. You see, other people need to see that it’s ok (awesome even!) to do what you do. That way they will will feel safe and supported in doing it too. It’s now the new “normal” is created.

We Grow Trees

We love trees. The world needs more trees. So each time a box of  48 rolls of toilet paper we will donate money to plant and look after one tree. The toilet paper is of course tree free (it is made of recycled paper) and the boxes are made from cardboard made from sustainably sourced timber. 

WeForest Tree Growing Project in Tanzania

Currently, each tree we plant will be in the wonderful  WeForest project in Tanzania near the village of Kinesi. It’s a tree growing project  that is empowering women, orphans and villagers to transition out of poverty to agroforestry. Tree seedlings are grown in a nursery and distributed to the people that need it most: women-lead households or families hosting orphans get priority. Local schools also get seedlings (often fruit trees) to plant on their school premises. The project furthermore provides training in sustainable agricultural practices including permaculture and agroforestry so that the trees can also boost agriculture yield and food production. The families that this project is helping now enjoy with larger and diversified incomes, better food and can even pay for medicine.

We hope to grow lots of trees , time will tell, watch this space (and our blog posts) for updates about tree planting.

Community Interest Company

Set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC), World Changing Me is a Company limited by Guarantee. This means that, like all companies we can pay employees however, the assets and profits must be permanently retained (locked) within the CIC, and used solely for community benefit, or transferred to another organisation which itself has an asset lock.

Specifically, World Changing Me is set up to: help people reduce the environmental footprint of their lifestyles and increase their real wealth through access to information, education and encouragement to make positive changes.

Bottom line: we will make sure that all profits go do good.