We would love to partner with like-minded people and organisations to …

Help us get our name out there

We don’t have a big budget (we are a start-up CIC!). We certainly can’t compete marketing-wise with the other brands out there. But we do have passion and a product that we believe could truly make a difference.

If you are a blogger or influencer based in the UK with a passion for the environment and making small step changes to change the world for the better. If you believe that individual actions really do make a difference when multiplied by thousands. Then please contact us!

Donate “Design a Quest” prizes

As you may be aware, one of the Toilet Roll Box Set Quests is for World Changers to design and share their own “World Changing Quests”. We would love to be able to give prizes to the people who create great quest ideas on a regular basis. If you own a product that is environmentally friendly or people friendly (or both) and are interested in giving a prize on either a one off or regular basis, please contact us.

Sponsor a Quest & raise awareness of your Quest

If your organisation has World Changing Quest that we have either created already or have yet to design and you would like to get your brand/quest in front of a growing audience, please contact us about sponsorship opportunities.

Help create our app

We are so in need of an app for people to track their World Changing Awesomeness! If you can help, please contact us 🙂