Can I get more posters with my box of Plastic Free Toilet Roll?
Certainly! Just order them and we’ll pop the number that you need in the box.
Can I get just the Tracking Posters?
Absolutely! Just order them and we’ll post you the number you need. Unless you have previously purchased a box of toilet roll you won’t have the “badges” to cut out and stick on to your poster – but you can always colour them in instead 🙂
I have completed my Quest Tracking poster what should I do next?
Wow! The world needs more people like you! Keep doing the Quests and if you like, order (or download) another poster!

We’ll be bringing more Quest Box Set Seasons out soon, make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to be the first to know when it’s available.

I purchased another box of toilet roll but I don't need another poster yet...
No problem, please either keep it until you have finished the first one, or even better give the new Quest Tracking Poster to a friend or relative and encourage them to be a World Changer too (maybe send them your unique “invite friends” link so they can get 10% off their first order!).
Do I have to buy the Toilet Roll to complete a Quest?
Not at all! Please see the “Quests” page for all current World Changing quests. When you have completed a Quest, please do share your World Changing activities (with the relevant #tags) to your favourite social media channel #bethechange
I'm running a community event, can I just get a box of 1 type of quest?
Very possibly! Please contact us with the event details and date and we will see what we can do .
Where can I find out about Quest Collections?
Ahh, well that’s coming soon. Watch this space or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.
I'd like more than one box but the shipping rate keeps going up...
We were only expecting people to buy one box at a time! Please contact us for a shipping quote.
Where is your product made?
It’s all made in the UK (unlike some other plastic free TP brands). The toilet rolls are made in the UK from recycled paper (which is mainly UK sourced), the boxes and the paper covers all manufactured in the UK. All put together and dispatched from near Cardigan (Wales, UK).
Do you have a subscription service?
Not yet, but maybe by the time you have finished your first 48 box order (hint hint lol). Seriously though, sign up to our newsletter (link in footer) or follow us on social media to be the first to know 🙂 .